The TimeTrackerTool program is design to make it easy to track for example worked hours during each day. Then it is possible to make different search to display worked hours during a day or during a period of time.

How to us

When the program is started you need to add some projects to be able to add time.
First you need to add some clients and projects.

Do this by selecting Project.
In project settings you can add different clients and for these clients add different projects.
It is possible to add, change and Delete Clients and projects.
When done. Click Exit.

Next select a project and press “Add Time”.
A new line is created and the program wait to get the next input. “Set End Time”.

If “Start” and “Stop” time left as is, the program will use current time and date.
When a different time is entered in either or both start and stop, the program will use these times instead.

It is also possible to change the date before adding a new time stamp.

With already added time it is possible to change, start, stop time and project.
To do this select a row in the window and press, Change.
If you instead want to delete a row, select a row and then press delete.

It is not possible to change date on already added times. To do this, then first delete the row, then change date and then
add the time on this new date instead.

Now when you have added some clients and projects and added the first Time Stamp it is time to save the information into a text file on your computer.
Choose file save and save the file on your computer as an text file (xxxx.txt).
Once a file is set, the program will save all changes each time a new time is added or changed.

Then continue to add more time stamps.

With the function Show in the  “Show time” section it is possible to sort and show some different reports. It is possible to change the date “From” and “To”. To change the time span. It is also possible to set how many hours to work each day and how many workdays that should be excluded (Saturdays and Sundays is always excluded). Then the program automatic shows hours to work and the diff in time.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of