I have made pictures and animation for everything from farm machinery to the space industry. With a background as a designer, I have 18 years of experience from the development of different machine designs in both 2D and 3D cad tools. Cad programs that I have used are AutoCad, Unigraphics and Creo.

Since 2007 I have also worked with visualizations where I, besides working with 3D renderings and animations, also have done work in 360 degree video, VR and AR (Virutuell Reality and Agumented Reality).

Everything started when I took my first 3D visualization course more than 10 years ago. Since then I have taken a number of courses in the subject. Most often, I am based on finished 3D cad drawings that are converted from parametric format to triangular format to create different types of visualizations. If the 3D modells are missing, I model the items that are needed.

The reason I took my first course in visualization was an interest in being able to produce rendered images and animations on the constructions that I had created in different cad programs. Therefore, I have a unique knowledge from both construction and 3D visualization and also an understanding of the various problems encountered when these two worlds meet.

Recently, I have also started creating my own addons for Blender in the program language Python. This has given me the opportunity to streamline my way of working. Especially when it comes to coloring 3D objects as well as other repetitive tasks.

Since late 2017 I have also been a member of East Sweden Game, a workspace and community for entrepreneurs and creators of games, visualisation and digital experiences. I have also started to make some simple games in Unity since i went a distance course at the University West (in Sweden) in Game Development in a 3D environment.