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Simple Batch Render

Simple Batch Render Addon makes it very easy to make a .bat file for jobs to render. Can be executed from inside Blender or as a separate .bat file started with from your desktop without having to open up Blender first.
How to

- Set start frame
- Set end frame
- Add job to .bat file
- Run from inside blender or from the desktop
- Add as many jobs that you need

Simple Batch Render addon for Blender

Simple Batch Render on Youtube

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Quick Guide
Add render to queue - Adds the current Blend file that is opened and saved to the queue.
Remove all renders from queue - Deletes all the jobs from the .bat file.
Start frame: - Set start frame for the rendering to begin.
End frame: - Set end frame. If start and end is the same only this frame is rendered.
Blender start path: - Set path to where Blender.exe i installed. Default where this Blender file is run from.
Save bat file to: - Set where .bat file is to be saved. Default out own desktop.
Open file in Notepad - Open the .bat file in Notepad.
Start Batch Render - Start Batch Render.
Bach render and shutdown - Start Batch Render and shut down the computer after 5 min.

*Works only with windows.

Simple Material Replacment

Simple Material Replacement Addon stores and reuse material names on obejcts. Once set it is simple to write back materials to objects that already are in the material data base.
Also in the PRO version there are features for selecting items that have already been set, simple selection of "special obejcts" with the ability to quickly import the item to the current blend file. There is also the option to select items that can be hidden or deleted (will provide faster rendering if these items are deleted or moved to another layer).

Main features
- Saves objects material names in Material Data Base
- Replace material on objects with information from Material Data Base
- Easy to add materials from other blend file
- Will set material to "Not Found" if the material is not in Material Data Base
- Write over material in the Material Data Base with new/other material
- Check and remove duplicated material

Simple Material Replacement addon for Blender

PRO version also include:
- Split parameters - Default is . but now it is possible to change to what ever you need it to be
- Select material that already exists in the Material Data Base
- Be able to make special objects in another file, do selections base on that information and also easy import selected object to current blend file (it also place the imported object to selected obejct)
- Make a second database where information can be stored about obejcts that can be removed or deleted
- List material used by obejcts in the blend file

Simple Material Replacement addon for Blender

Simple Material Replacement on Youtube

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Who is it for?
This addon makes it quick and easy to set material on many items, once it has been set one time before. Works very well when many obejcts from 3D cad files are imported over and over again. Me myslef has saved days of working time with the help of this addon. Mainly the addon is for those who use Blender to make 3D renders from 3D Cad or architecture. Don't know if this addon is for you, please send me a message.

How to use
Start with a new blend file and set up all materials that is used. Make sure that they are saved inside the blend file by making them "Save this data block even if it has no users". This is done by pressing "F" for each material. Open up our blend file to set material to objects. For the first run set the name and the folder for the materialdata base file in the addon. Also set the path to where the blender file is that contains all the material that is going to be used. Next import our obejct to the blend file or if they already exist skip this stage. Then import the material with "Add Material from base file". Set the materials to the objects. When done select the obejcts and press "Add material to file". Start a new file (set the correct path to material data base file and material base file) import objects to this file. Press "Add Material from base file" and then select parts to add material to press "Write mtrl to parts". All objects that are not yet found in the Material Data Base file will get the material "Not Found". Select these objects and move to a new layer. Then set material to the objects that not yet are set and add them to the Material Data base.

Objects name and about material
The name that is used for each object are based on that only the first part of the name is used. This means that cube cube.001 cube.002 cube.003 and so on will all be treated as "cube" in the Material Data Base. The effect is that only "Cube" are stored with some kind of material for example "Red". All objects with name cube will have there material set to "Red" when material is applied to these obejcts. Note: the name that is used is everthing until the dot in the objects name. When dealing with materials the hole name is used. But it is good to make sure that all material is in the format: red, green, blue and so on and not red.001 red.002. To remove all these duplicates just press "Remove Dupl. Mtrl" . Material that are used and where it can found duplicates will be removed. So when using and making materials make sure they all do not have the name with .XXX at the end.

Simple Material Replacement on Youtube
Simple Material Replacement- How To on Youtube

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Test files (does not include the addon) can be downloaded here Download Zip file